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Raman Polytechnic College Raman Polytechnic College Raman Polytechnic College Raman Polytechnic College

      The institution is situated in the Sri DungarGarh, Dist Bikaner (Rajasthan),. The location of the institution is lush greenery, calm, serene and suitable for deep study. Special coaching is provided for the weaker students in the evening and on holidays.

      This institution provides an environment which is free of noise and pollution. The management of the institution realizes the significance of technical education as an essential means of augmentation of the region and for the upliftment of the working class and rural youth. Raman Polytechnic College vows to establish an institute that should be a predecessor in education. Sri Dungargarh is now emerging on the overall map as a place of excellence education and superior learning.
Engineering covers every part of civilization. Great works of humanity, from the building of the great monuments to the creation of the Internet, are wonders of engineering. Engineering is an embryonic discipline that reinvents itself to discover and create keys to pristine issues.

Our Endeavour is to educate the students in all spheres of the life. Apart from the normal curriculum, at Raman Polytechnic College, we give stress, to all round development of students by providing sports, communication skills etc.



The vision of Raman Polytechnic College is to endeavor for total quality management; the college will strive to achieve this vision by :

Developing a team of dedicated and competent staff in appropriate learning environment.
Strengthening industry-institutions relationship through mutually beneficial and constructive interaction.

Strengthening community services through Human Resource Development. Technical services and support centers.

By offering continuing and non formal education.

By inculcating the qualities of leadership, personality development and good citizenship in the students.